Digital Currency | Fast Transactions | Anonymous Network 

The Future of Money

  • Secure, anonymous, global payment network that is fully decentralized.
  • Designed to provide a safe and faster way of doing business.
  • Instant confirmations, and transactions faster than Bitcoin.
  • Multiple hashing algorithms enhance the security of the network.
  • Mature, advanced digital currency, operating with excellence.
  • Decentralised blockchain database that's managed autonomously.
  • Private, verified transactions.
  • Operating since 2014.

X11 Hashing Algorithm

  • Resistant to cryptanalytic attacks.
  • Resistant to generic second-preimage attacks.
  • Secure against black-box attacks.
  • Advanced layers of complexity, 11 multiple algorithms.
  • Additional layers of protection.
  • Minimal resource consumption.

Prime-XI is a digital currency that's been operating since 2014 without any issues. Prime-XI was forked from Darkcoin, know as Dash.

With transaction speeds less than 15 seconds, we can see that Prime-XI doesn't need additional features to hype it up. Some transactions speeds are instant, when sending it peer-to-peer without a crypto exchange involved.

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